Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Do You Do and How Do You Do and How Do You Do Again?

It's a childhood memory. Can't remember which TV character said it or what show it came from. I know it's part of a nursery rhyme, but I'm almost certain there was a cartoon character who said it. My childhood memories are disjointed, scattered and come and go at will. They come flooding in when I least expect them. The other day I was thinking about The Beany & Cecil Show. Beany was always getting into trouble somehow and Cecil, the sea serpent would come and save him, exclaiming "I'm comin' Beany Boy!" Then, of course, there was the cartoon about Mr. Wizard (a lizard, I believe) and a turtle boy named Tooter. Tooter would ask to be put in a certain situation by Mr. Wizard, and despite Mr. Wizard's reservations, he would send the turtle somewhere in time that ended up being dangerous. Eventually, when things got too rough, Tooter would cry out "Help, Mr. Wizard!" and Mr. Wizard always brought him back safe and sound. I could sure use a sea serpent or a wizard lizard like that right now, somebody who had my back. How do you do and how do you do and how do you do again?