Monday, September 9, 2013

Glorious Mornings

September is here again and today it is especially crisp, though tomorrow will bring with it the heat and humidity of a regular summer day. Nature has graced us with the Morning Glory, the most beautiful of late summer flowers. I planted some a number of years ago and have always marveled as the vines slowly climb and expand across the backyard fence and over the roses in the front yard. I even see vines growing profusely from the cracks in the sidewalk where the ambitious wind has driven their seeds. I originally purchased dark pink/magenta plants, but the bees have been busy these past few years, cross-pollinating with the purple flowers. This year has brought the purple and pink together and I admire them in the early morning, cascading in collusion. Morning Glories are the biggest tattle tales I know, wrapping themselves around my idle rake and hand mower. And they have crawled across the lawn, which I have truly neglected since the beginning of August. As September moves forward, memories of summer flowers become hazy while the Morning Glories shine on through the first hard frost.