Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

One thing I can honestly say about my life is that it's not boring and when it's on the verge of becoming mundane, something happens to spice it up whether I like it or not. I got a phone call from a woman a couple of days ago who is a secretary at my former employer and she is just finishing up the clean-out of her deceased parents' home. I agreed to see what was left, though the majority of it had already been sold or removed. She didn't want any money, just wanted me to take anything to relieve her of the burden of dumping it. Honestly, there wasn't much left, but I love Debbie and appreciate the fact that she thought of me. I taught her son English years earlier and the entire family was just a group of really nice, hard-working people.

Eventually, after listening to her tell me about her father's job as a cameraman for the local WRGB Channel 6 and her mother's love for making crafts, I walked away with a few lamps, a wonderful resin electric clock that had never been used from the 60s and a few other knick-knacks. I also found a very large piece of art in the cellar that had water damage on one end. It was dirty and despite the damage, a beautiful Mid-Century rendition of a Ming Tree. I have since cleaned it and minimized the damage. It hangs in the shop where people can gaze at and admire it.

These are the types of things I live for: rediscovering the beauty of lost art and rediscovering folks who smack of goodness and decency. It's a wonderful life!

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