Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ruth Faktor, Israeli Artist to Watch

Anyone who reads my blogs at all knows how much I love art, be it visual or literary, so when I spend time picking the local thrift stores and City Missions, that's where my eye leans. Yesterday, I had the good fortune to pick up a ceramic wall plaque created by Ruth Faktor, an Israeli artist whose studio is set up near Tel-Aviv. She studied sculpture and modern art at the Ramat-Gan Art School during the 70s and continues her work to this day with her daughter, who is also an accomplished artist. The ceramic tile I discovered features three figures, which represent a small family. The soft earthen colors and the peaceful faces suggest a place far from the violence and uncertainty that often plagues Israel. I am drawn to the balance of the piece. In 2011 Saper Galleries out of East Lansing, Michigan, purchased several of her ceramic plaques and you can find them displayed on the Ruth Faktor page of their website. The tiles depict faces, figures and villages, a collage of earthiness and simple beauty. It's picks such as Faktor's art that keeps me going in my small vintage and art business. Be on the look out for her work and if you have the good fortune to visit Tel-Aviv, visit her studio as well, as I'm quite certain you will be taken with her creations.

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