Sunday, April 14, 2013

To Construct or Deconstruct ... That Is the Question ... Deconstructed Furniture

I purchased a little bench a few weeks ago that was probably for a dressing table and is a Classical Art Deco style. I really loved its bones and the rolled arms, but hated the upholstery, so I decided to reupholster it using a nice neutral canvas. But once I started pulling the fabric away, the aged look of fabric left behind along with the original upholstery tacks became especially appealing to me. I was going to "deconstruct" all the upholstery, opting instead, to use some leftover industrial burlap I had laying around to cover the stained seat. Hence, I now have a deconstructed bench. The nice thing about the deconstructed style is that one can always "reconstruct" later on ...

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