Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collection of Early 20th Ctry. Fruit Still Lifes

Here's a collection of three fruit still lifes from the early 20th Century. The largest is an oil painting on a wicker platter measuring 19" x 13". The other two are prints in metal frames measuring 10" x 8". I believe all three of these were created in the 1930s, the wicker coming from China and painted in the USA, while the metal frames, often faux grained, were manufactured in the USA. These all have shabby elements to them as you can see from the pictures. The edging around the wicker platter is loose or missing and there is some chipping to the painting. The dark metal frame has some paint loss while the gold one was actually repainted and antiqued at some point. These are beautiful foils for white ironstone platters and look magnificent when grouped on a wall. When I was a girl, my mother collected the older fruit prints from the late 1800s and hung them in the kitchen and dining room of our farm house. She gave up college as an Art Major at the University of Iowa to raise seven children, which is an art form in and of itself. Gazing at these pieces brings back some fond memories of my childhood.

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