Friday, December 14, 2012

The Book of Genesis ... Pray for the Children in Connecticut

I purchased this pictorial wheel featuring the Book of Genesis several years ago at an antique store and used it as a teaching aid for an Ancient Eastern Literature unit I taught in the first weeks of school. A difficult unit to teach, especially when using the King James version, my itchy, preoccupied 10th grade students would gather around the wheel that I had carefully pinned on the bulletin board next to the door and play with it. At the end of this lesson the students were quizzed and I would watch their heads turn toward the wheel on the board, their visual memories at work. Most received marks of 80 to 100. This wheel was made in the 1930s in the USA by a company called Reproducta, Inc. It does have wear, due mostly to my former students, but the 9 1/4" diameter heavy paper wheel still turns perfectly and can be framed or put on a coffee table as a conversation piece or can be pinned in the center to a wall so that the wheel turns easily ... adding this entry seems trivial right now, especially in the face of all the little lives lost this morning in a small town in Connecticut. Pray for the children who witnessed and survived the carnage. Pray for the families who lost a loved one in this horrendous tragedy.

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