Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Victorial Revival Silver Locket

Most of the items I have posted on my blog are from my storefront on Second Shout Out. This one hasn't been posted yet. Inside the locket, there are two B & W photos from the early 20th Century that appear to be sisters. Their mournful eyes suggest hard times, but there is a simple beauty about them that is quite natural. I often wonder who they were and what kind of lives they led. Years ago I frequented an outdoor flea market outside of Berne, New York, an upstate area in the foothills of the Helderbergs. The couple who sold me this locket sold me many other wonderful pieces of jewelry and art. That was in the early 90s. The flea market has since closed, but once in a great while, my partner and I will drive past the vacant buildings which used to house the best of the best vintage in the area and remember ...

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