Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mid-Century Shell TV Lamp

Many years ago I frequented an indoor flea market where a young seller from Connecticut used to sell his wares. He was hip to the Mid-Century scene and always had fabulous smalls. One Sunday just before the place closed, I hurried to his space and found a Royal Haeger fan-tailed goldfish TV lamp with the original tags as well as this shell lamp that had no wiring. I begged him for his best price and got him to accept a check as I didn't have enough cash. I eventually sold the goldfish lamp and had this one rewired, where it sat for many years on my old TV. These lamps were very popular in the 50s and generally did set atop the TV for an extra bit of light during the evening hours. They came in all shapes and sizes, the most common being of the cougar variety. This one is a stylized shell glazed in a glossy black. It's an American made piece and works perfectly, a unique gift for that special person in your life.

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