Sunday, November 11, 2012

Steubenville Bird Plates

Steubenville Pottery Company out of Steubenville, Ohio produced these plates starting in 1941. The pattern is called Woodfield and the color is Dove Gray. This particular pattern has many followers, but what makes this collection special is the handpainted birds on each. You have a cardinal, a blue jay and an oriole. Lummis Studios of Owings Mills, Maryland produced these. Each 9" plate is free from chips and cracks. There is, however, some paint loss on the paintings themselves, especially on the body of the cardinal. I have chosen to keep them together and sell them as a collection. These are unsigned by the artist, but wonderfully executed. They belong in a country, woodsy setting, perhaps hanging in the kitchen of a little bungalow at the foot of a mountain, a tribute to the birds which grace us with their presence on a daily basis.
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