Monday, May 6, 2013

1970 Love Story in the Wall Paper

A good buyer who often comes into my shop brought me in this spectacular roll of wallpaper from the early 1970s, probably 1970 or '71 because it contains the logo for Love Story, a very popular film in 1970 that featured Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal. The plot surrounds a pair of young and beautiful college students who fall in love, but the girl is diagnosed with cancer and dies. One of the most famous lines that came out of this film was "love means never having to say you're sorry." This wallpaper is so iconic of 1970/71 and the colors leap out at us in shades of orange and magenta, so pop, so hip. It takes me back to my early teenage years, when our country was in the throes of Viet Nam, college protests and a social upheaval. The vivid colors, logos and slogans become an abstract snapshot and a reminder of a dynamic time indeed.

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