Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Santa Maria Pine Cone

A long time ago I lived in a ranch house in Santa Maria, a coastal town in Central California. I might still be there to this day had I not been so lonesome for my two small daughters, who were located on the opposite side of this great continent. Every day I would go out into the backyard, pick apricots from the tree and then plop myself down on a lounger and eat a few of them. I never remember it raining in Santa Maria. The world seemed timeless with clear blue skies and no humidity in the air, the temperature hovering between 70 and 77. There were also huge conifers in the back yard and I found a dropped pine cone that I determined would be a memento for the short space in time I abided there. Today I gaze at it and feel that California sun on my face with that peace of mind that doesn't come often enough. It is a good place to be, indeed, a good place.

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