Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Trip to the Attic for a Trip to South America

My son is leaving in a couple of weeks to backpack in South America. In order to procure needed funding, he has begun to dig in my attic, that hoarders treasure trove that can keep one occupied for hours. We have been culling through mounds of newspaper, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes and rediscovering long forgotten items from his childhood to past flea markets. More than once he has berated me for being a hoarder and has been diligently cleaning as he unpacks the relics stacked in heaps. Last night, after another fruitful trip up those stairs, two pairs of women's bedroom slippers from the 1960s, one in its original packaging and both in unworn condition along with four Hazel Atlas dots juice glasses were unearthed. On Sunday, the good son will sell the wares he has chosen at the flea market in front of the shop. Meanwhile, I have a few new items to gaze at and admire before I decide on how best to let them go and how best to let my son go, too.

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